Lip Sync Battle Hen Party

Lip Sync Battle

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Product: Lip Sync Battle

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  • Lip Sync Battle Class!
  • 2 hour fun class with dance teacher
  • Learn choreographed routines
  • Choose 2 songs and battle it out
  • Toy microphones provided
  • Duration 2 hours approx
  • Minimum payment for 10 people required


This 2 hour party is inspired by the popular American television series ‘Lip Sync Battles’. We’ve all watched various celebrities imitate some of the biggest hits of our era and now you can do it yourselves in this Lip Sync Battle party that brings fun competition to your celebrations! Meet your professionally trained dance teacher at a private venue and learn, altogether, the pre-prepared dance routines and lyrics to your two chosen songs. After splitting into two separate teams to practice your own songs to the best of your ability, the lip sync battle will commence! With toy microphones in hand, your two groups will take it in turns to perform your songs and the battle will end when the teacher chooses a winning team! Ask your teacher to film you on your own phone or camera for the memories to last! Inflatable microphones will be given to the winning team. The minimum group size requirement for this event is 10 people or if there are less than this, payment for 10 will be required in order to run the event.