Rage Buggies and Hovercrafting

Rage Buggy & Hovercraft Experience

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Product: Rage Buggy & Hovercraft Experience

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  • Multi activity day in Ofxordshire
  • Combine rage buggies and hovercrafts in one day
  • Great for beginners or more experienced drivers
  • Minimum group size 8 people


RAGE BUGGIES: Strap in tight and get ready for the infamous Rage Buggy experience! The ultimate adrenaline activity, off road karting at its best with the famous Rage buggy. These buggies have been built with one thing in mind – fun, and lots of it. Designed to take on some serious terrain, they are used by rally schools and in off road races throughout the world. Test your driving skills as you control the drift through the bends, and feel the acceleration as you exit onto the straight sections. You have to work hard to keep these vehicles firmly on the track, so its only those with the skill and a cool head who will be crowned best driver on the day.
HOVERCRAFTS: Are you looking for that unique experience something that differs from the ordinary? Hovercrafts will definitely tick all of your boxes, Situated in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside creating a fantastic backdrop, hovercarfting will definately add something different to you stag or hen party. Hovercrafts fly on a bed of air making them one of the most diverse vehicles in the leisure market.The ability to go over land and water really makes them the ultimate experience. These machines have been adapted so that any novice can pick up the controls and take charge.These single seat vehicles have 600cc engines powering them round specially designed tracks built to test your ability in manoeuvring these crafts. If you come during the wet season then most likely you will be flying over the water features, when the sun comes out you will be tested on a land based skills course. Minimum group size 8 people.