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Vintage Hen Party Need to Know

Vintage everything seems to be all the rage these days! You’d be forgiven for being a bit confused as to which era fits with which activities and fancy dress. Read our handy guide to creating your Vintage Hen Party which explains whats what when it comes to blasts from the past!

Roaring 20s Vintage Hen Party

Roaring 20’s

Think Flapper Girls, prohibition, gangsters, cocktails and speakeasies and you’ll get the gist of our Roaring 20’s packages. The 1920’s was an inspiring decade with women everywhere behaving in a positively giddy fashion! Hems on dresses rose, sleeves were a thing of the past and the Charleston was a huge hit amongst “loosey goosey” girls game for a giggle! Ladies everywhere began to feel free and expressed themselves through daring fashion, vivacious dancing and lots of jazz hands! A firm favourite, the Roaring 20’s is a superb idea for a Vintage Hen Party; great fancy dress opportunity, a range of activities and your chance to learn the Charleston!
Activity Ideas: Flapper Dance Class, Chicago Dance Class, Cocktail Masterclass, Vintage Model Makeover, Pin Up Experience, Murder Mystery Night, Afternoon Tea, Fascinater Making, Bunting Workshop, Craft Workshops, Perfume Making.  

50's Rock N Roll Vintage Hen Party

Rock n’ Roll 50’s

It’s time to slip into a net petticoat hooped to the max and get rock n’ rolling! Our 50’s style hen weekends are inspired by all things USA – think Grease, American Diners, Duke Boxes, Teddy Boys, Pin Up Girls and you’ll get the idea. We have a range of specialist suppliers who can cater for all things 50’s. Truly a vibrant choice for a Vintage Hen Party with plenty of activities and styles to choose from.
Activity Ideas:  Grease Themed Dance Class, Vintage Model Makeover, Pin Up Experience, American Diner, Rock n’ Roll Dance Class, Vintage Ten Pin Bowling, 1950’s Housewife Training! 

Burlesque Themed Vintage Hen Party


Born in the 16th century, burlesque dancing has evolved throughout the decades. Voluptuous women trained in the art of seduction dressed in corsets, fish net tights and killer heels, fluttering their boas all the while keeping a comical edge is the name of the game here! Today, burlesque has been pushed to the forefront with films such as Moulin Rouge and Burlesque. This boom has inspired ladies looking for something saucy for their hen party whilst not pushing the boundaries of good taste. Great fun for ladies wanting a truly vintage hen party!
Activity Ideas: Burlesque Dance Class, Burlesque Show, Model Makeover, Murder Mystery.

Neon 80's Style Hen Weekends

Neon 80’s Hen Party

Aahh the 1980’s. What fond memories of luminous leg warmers, high legged leotards, oversized neon jumpers, big hair and even bigger make-up! And who can forget iconic films such as Footloose, Fame and Staying Alive! The 1980’s certainly made a statement and was chocked full of unforgettable styles making this a fun Vintage Hen Party theme. Why not try an 80’s dance class and strut your stuff? Or maybe Madonna is more your style? Record your own 80’s CD perhaps. Or maybe go the whole hog and indulge in an 80’s style makeover!? And yes, we are aware that the 1980’s wasn’t that long ago and we have relegated half of the Clear Cut Party Planners as Vintage!
Activity Ideas:  80’s Dance Class, Fame Dance Class, Madonna Dance Class, 1980’s Makeover and Photo Shoot, Record an 80’s Song, Eighty’s Themed Nightclub.  

Vintage Murder Mystery Hen Weekends

Vintage Murder Mystery

Our Murder Mystery packages are so popular and fit so well into a Vintage Hen Party theme we simply had to feature them. These who dunnit events offer interactive fun, spooky shenanigans and plenty of laughs all set over an evening meal or afternoon tea. We have a range of different scripts available all set in different eras. From The Cabana Club Killings to Dr Thunderthighs, each script is written especially for hen parties. Each script is tailored to your party to incorporate the Bride to Be, the Maid of Honour and friends and family. We’ll arrange everything for you; the venue, the food, the actors to host the event along with an amazing plot. All you have to do is turn up and guess whodunit!

Vintage Model Makeover

Vintage Makeover

Ever fancied yourself as a 1920’s Pin Up Girl? Or perhaps a 50’s sex bomb? Then look no further! Our Vintage Makeover experiences will have you strutting your stuff in no time. We have a range of different packages; professional makeup artists to give you the ultimate look; professional hair stylists using traditional techniques; photo studios to capture you in true vintage style! Combine your experience with other activities based on your chosen era; fascinator making, housewife training or our favourite, a flapper girl dance class! whether you choose to go glam like a Pin Up or dress to impress Flapper style, we have a range of excellent packages for your Vintage Hen Party.

70's Flower Power Hen Party

70’s Flower Power

Here’s your chance to embrace the flower-power years with our 1970’s inspired packages. The 1970’s not only lends itself to some groovy fancy dress opportunities, there are plenty of activities ideal for this Vintage Hen Party theme. Take part in an Abba style dance class, Record a 70’s cassette tape in a recording studio and enjoy a 1970’s themed clubbing experience! Couple these fabulous activities with some of our dining options and other activities for a far out Vintage Hen Party!
Activity Ideas: Abba Themed Dance Class, Record a 70’s Sound Track, 70’s Clubbing Experience, Cocktail Masterclass, Dining Options. 

Vintage Housewife Packages

Vintage Housewife

Come along ladies! Pinnies on, dusters at the ready, lipstick applied, slip on your kitten heels, it’s time to be a perfectly proper housewife.  We’ve dedicated a superbly spiffy range of packages themed around the housewife of yesteryear. Cup cake decorating, cookery classes, housewife training, etiquette training and craft workshops all make up a fun range of packages. For the more daring little-lady we even have a saucy Seduction Class that’s guaranteed to keep hubby happy!
Activity Ideas: Cup Cake Decorating, Cookery Class, Housewife Training, Etiquette Lesson, Knicker Decorating, Fascinator and Broach Making, Bunting Workshop, Seduction Masterclass.