Frequently Asked Questions – Mixed Party and Group Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Why book with Clear Cut Weekends?

What are the benefits of booking with you as opposed to doing it all myself?

Quite a few! But here are the best ones…..

  • Time – by booking with Clear Cut Weekends we’ll save you valuable time. No need to research dozens of companies, make lots of phone calls and separate payments. We’ll handle the lot for you.
  • Group Management – The Clear Cut Account Area has been designed specifically to help you manage Group Members. Everyone will be able to login and make payments directly to us meaning you don’t have the hassle of collecting money and paying on your friend’s behalf.
  • Value – Both our weekend packages and singular activities offer exceptional value. We offer competitively priced events without skimping on the quality.
  • Friendly Knowledgeable Team – Everyone in the Clear Cut office has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to planning a hen weekend, stag weekend, birthday or corporate party. We have tried out many of the events we offer and can give you guidance when planning your party. We pride ourselves on a friendly approach whilst maintaining a professional service.
  • Back Up – This is perhaps one of the most important to consider. In rare circumstances an activity supplier can cancel or even go bust at the last minute leaving you high and dry. If you have booked a Clear Cut event we’ll be on hand to arrange an alternative straight away. Things can crop up and it’s incredibly reassuring to know you have a team of party planners looking after you.

Why should I choose Clear Cut Weekends over some of the other companies I have seen?

You may have noticed that there are quite a few Tour Operators offering services to hens, stags, birthdays and corporate events. Here’s what makes Clear Cut so different for all the right reasons!

  • Great Prices, Great Quality – Our latest market research saw some of our competitors charging up to £40 per person more than Clear Cut Weekends! In some other instances we have seen packages that appear cheaper elsewhere but on closer inspection the activities are not all they seem. Clear Cut Weekends offer fair prices for quality events and we clearly outline what is included within your quote.
  • No Pushy Sales Tactics – Our team are not commission based and so will not use sales tactics to pressure you into booking. We believe our products are superior to most others and see no need to baffle our customers with sneaky sales jargon!
  • No Ridiculous Admin Fees – Our latest research has shown some companies charging shockingly high admin fees for the simplest of tasks. One company reportedly charges £50.00 just to swap one activity for another even with months of notice. Scandalous! We do not charge you for small changes like that just as long as we have at least 5 weeks’ notice. And even then, the maximum fee is £20.00 at the discretion of management.
  • We Care – Every one of the Clear Cut Team has had their own experience of arranging an event for their own friends. We have all felt the pressure of arranging something so important for a group and never forget this when planning events with our customers. Our party planners are picked for many reasons (organised, attentive, professional, knowledgeable, friendly…) but perhaps what sets us apart from the rest is that we genuinely care about the service we provide.

Making a Booking for a Full Package

How do I book a full package?

You’ll need to make an enquiry on-line or over the phone and tell us what you’d like to do. We’ll then check availability and send you a quote(s). From here you can make a booking for a full package.

I’m booking a weekend break, how much deposit is required?

If your booking is more than 8 weeks away, we require a minimum deposit of £30 from the Group Leader. We then ask all group members to pay their deposit within 3 weeks. Alternatively the Group Leader can make the payments on behalf of Group Members.

What if I don’t know exact numbers when I book up?

Give us an estimate at the time you pay your initial £30 deposit. You can reduce your group size as much as you want within the 3 week period with no cost implications at all.

When is the final balance due?

The final balance is due no later than 5 weeks in advance of your event. If anybody drops out at this stage, deposits and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, the Group Leader will not have to pay the remainder for those people as long as we are notified at least 5 weeks in advance.

Can my group pay you directly?

We are happy to take payments from Group Members directly via the website. You can track payments via your account area.

Do I have to use the online invite system?

No. If you’d rather make all the payments yourself you are more than welcome.

What if my booking is 5-8 weeks away?

We’ll require at least the £30pp in one payment from the Group Leader in order to book. The final balance is then due as normal, at least 5 weeks in advance.

What if my booking is less than 5 weeks away?

Unless otherwise agreed, we will require the full balance in one lump sum from the Group Leader if your event is less than 5 weeks away.

Single Activity Purchases Booked via the A-Z Directory 

What does this mean?

Some activities are available to purchase from the A-Z Directory on the website without having to first get a quote. We refer to these as Single Activity Purchases.

How much deposit is required?

£5 per person, per activity.

When is the final balance due?

5 weeks before the earliest event you book.

Can my group pay you directly?

We ask that the Group Leader makes payments for Single Activity Purchases in 2 parts; a deposits and a final balance.

What if my booking is less than 5 weeks away?

Full non-refundable payment is required.


What type of payments do you accept?

Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard and Maestro.

Do you charge for using a credit card?


Is my money safe?

Yes. Clear Cut Weekends fully comply with The Package Travel Regulations 1992. Your money will be safeguarded and protected in a Trust Account until after your weekend. In the unlikely event of our failure your funds are therefore protected.

Account Area

What’s an account area?

Each Group Leader will have their own Account Area. Here you can make payments, invite people to your event and manage your booking.

How can I login?

As soon as you make an enquiry you will receive an automatic email containing a password. Follow the link on the email and use your email address and password to login.

I did not receive my password, what do I do?

Firstly don’t forget to check your spam and junk folder just in case the email has landed in their by mistake. If you can’t find it though, you can request a new password from the login screen.

Can my Group Members use the Account Area?

Yes, by using the Invite Function an email will be sent to your Group Members. This email will contain their very own password to use in order to login. A Group Members view of the Account Area is a simplified version of the Group Leaders.

Do I have to use the account area?

No. If you would rather make payments over the phone, we are happy to process them for you.

Whilst You Are Away

Is there a schedule for us to follow whilst we are away?

Yes. Once your numbers and payments are all finalised we’ll put together a personalised schedule for you. This will include times, addresses, maps and any information you might need. This will be emailed to you a few weeks before your event.

Is there a point of contact whilst we are away?

Yes. Included in your final schedule will be a mobile number for you to use just in case there is a problem. If you need us out of office hours, you can use this number so that we can help with any queries.